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  In the process of growth, we are happy, also worry, want happiness is very easy, trouble is only between a read, can we still find it hard to get rid of trouble. Our life is full of the seven colors, however, even when the sun shines, also hard to avoid appear short of clouds.

  The hour hou, spring, summer, autumn and winter have lasting appeal. Spring flowers, can see when I fly kites in the square shed happy perspiration; Xia Lichan song, when I can see on the swimming colorful spray splashing around; Autumn maple, flying can path that was covered in red maple saw me jumping figure; When the wind howling winter, can see happy smile on my face in the garden. With the warm winter sun all around.

  As time flies, I gradually grew up, the four seasons is still the same color, but not the past, as are all the same, as if every day doing the same thing - get up, go to school, go to sleep.

  Weekend, no longer belongs to yourself, all kinds of cram school behind. Life, the less laughter, less happy, the more trouble, the more disappointed.

  When the spring flowers, no more time to enjoy, see the kite, there is a puzzling of sadness, I carry a heavy bag on my way to school; In Xia Lichan wong, hot air was full of the whole sky, sweat instead of the tears shed, in the hot summer season, I'm suffocating, laugh as if in the swimming pool is only a dream, somet昆明癫痫病的治疗医院哪里imes find cicadas scream is also a kind of ridicule; Autumn maple flying, did not have the foot on the maple leaf is ringing sound, road is quiet, occasionally wind help, let me think maybe ringing sound just fantastical imagination; The wind howling winter, did not have the warm sunshine, only the gloomy sky and bone-chilling winds, bare branches like old witch long hands outside the window, I can only put down the bag, struggling in the crowd, it's raining, who is crying?







  Each and every one has his own troubles in the process of growth of I, is no exception.

  My troubles and almost everyone. For example: the examination didn't test good and work a lot more like the wuzhishan was too pressure to lift my head... Sometimes I wish I never grow up, just like the wayward Peter pan. In the stream of time, or quietly grew up嘉峪关哪里治癫痫病治的好... Every time I look at wutong leaves pieces, has filled the whole earth. I always think the leaves fell down in a flurry of is to hide a big secret, and I sweep leaves open, see always black asphalt road. Every time the clouds pass by overhead, I always silly looking at the sky, what want to see after the clouds passed. But I know that, behind the clouds is still the sky, the same sky. Interrogation, one of the two is the most profound, I remember the first time I didn't write a composition, I don't know what's going on I just don't like to write a composition, one to write a composition my brain will explode, but can't write, had to save words scraps, the written word. BUT the teacher had to write six hundred words, in my this is a big discount, so we have to start up words, words enough statements not smooth again is flawed. Finally with the help of dad finished, another boy one day to see the time in the past. So I don't want to write so disgusted composition.

  The second time I didn't write my homework at home because my parents in the east, "write better." West 1: "word and word alignment" is not willing to write to the school to write, but didn't finish writing by the teacher to the office again, this time I was fired, that is I never stopped writing homework this time.

  In the process of growth of the trouble, just a small test of your life, after the small test you will growth step.






  Look at those children play so happy, they play without any worry. A few years ago I also is such, people grow up, you worry too much. Think of these troubles my head hurts. I really don't want to grow up.

  My academic record is upper, quiz when I almost can't do it. In the fifth grade I find that I don't like to learn more and more. Dad used to say: "you how don't study hard, you how to take an examination of junior middle school, elementary school came close to you not, if you are not good school examinations, you later work how to do? You this elementary school diploma that someone wants to you, you don't have any special skill, what do you do? Now read only ambition ah, the child reading is for the sake of your own, not for their parents." Yeah, now don't read that have come out on top of the day, even some college students have no work right now. My heart is tired ah think of this problem.

  Just in elementary school, everything is so unfamiliar, teachers, school and students. Pass南宁哪家癫痫病医院可靠ed a semester, there are a lot of classmates I don't know, I don't know how to communicate with them. Physical education classes, there are a lot of students are playing together, I would like to play with them, but I don't know how, and they said.

  The day before yesterday, my father saw my diary, I was very angry, I go to reason with dad, dad say parents should know that all of the children. But diary wrote my little secret, let the people know like being naked through the. I quarrel with my father, this a few days we are all in the cold war.

  How I want to no trouble in my life that it would be good! But person not may not have the worry, like under the sunshine, also hard to avoid the prospect of a brief back. Actually worry is not terrible, the key is how you treat it. From now on, let's deal with the worry, to eliminate the worry, let us with a colorful dream; Mature!